Development Consent Order (DCO) Process

As Peartree Hill will generate more than 50MW of power, it is classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) and will proceed through the Development Consent Order (DCO) planning process.

The DCO process provides a dedicated framework specifically designed to address the complexities associated with large, complex energy projects (as well as other project types).

Applications for DCOs are examined independently by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS). Following an Examination of the project, the Planning Inspectorate will make a recommendation to the Secretary of State for the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero, who will decide on the outcome of the application.

Consultation is an important part of the DCO process as it enables everyone to comment on the proposals. The feedback received, along with further technical work and environmental studies, will inform the development of our proposals ahead of the submission of our DCO application to the Planning Inspectorate.

For more information about the planning process, please visit the Planning Inspectorate website here:

Overview of the nationally significant infrastructure planning process for members of the public and others


Q2 2023

Early Design Development

Q4 2023

Public consultation

Q1 2024

Refined design

Q2 2024

Public consultation

Q3/Q4 2024

Development consent order application submitted

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